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# ebook to analog book - kindle case - part 1

As this post is for a good friend, who's german-skills are not reliable enough to understand a whole tutorial, this post is gonna be in english. The making of the case also consists of three steps that need drying in between, so i will divide it in three posts.

Sooo... first you need a book you'll be able to destroy. 

To make the case more durable, at first we gonna wrap it in sticky-wrapping-foil. Tricky job, if you want it without bubbles... Cut a piece that is bigger than the book approximately like in the photo.

Remove the non sticky part, and lay the clear part with the sticky side up.

Carefully lay the book on it. Best is you start with the edge, and then lay the book flat. (sorry for no photo...) 

Then take the other part, pull it straight and flatten it from the back to the front of the book.

Now cut the corners as in the photo. Also cut diagonal cuts at the fold of the book.

Wrap it like this ;-) Repeat on the other side of the book and leave the middle parts.

Fold those middle part over itself, so it is a bit smaller at the ouside...

...and can fit nicely in the small gap in the back of the book. A scissor is a good tool to push this thing in a bit more, if necessary.

If you like you can fix the first page of the book on the book-cover, so the folds of the foil are not visible later. I used spray-glue for this.

Ok, book is covered, next step. Wrap the book in kitchen-plastic-wrap like this, the front and the back. You might want to include a few of the first pages in the protection. I like to have the first pages as pages in the book. I would recommend at least one to cover and glue on eventual little mistakes later.

Mix some glue with the same amount of water in a container you dont need anymore. (The glue is in the white container here)

Now press the book closed tightly with your fingers, and spread the water glue on the outsides. Use  quite a lot, let it soak in and go over it for like 5 times at least. 

Wrap you going-to-be case in newspaper to protect your furniture from glue and put some heavy stuff on it to avoid wrinkles. Let it dry for at least one day, or until its dry. Maybe check that the foil with that you protected the book is tightly sealed around it, so the water in the glue can evaporate freely. 

I'll go on with the next step in the next post !
Coming soon !

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